A HAPPY DAYS PRESCHOOL admits students of any race, color, nationality and ethnic origin. We do not discriminate against any family in administration of its educational policies and all pre-school administered programs.


We provide ongoing enrollment. You will complete your child’s enrollment once you have paid the registration fee and have completed and returned all paperwork.



Where toilet training, sharing and elementary cleanup tasks are taught. Oral communication, minimal alphabet and number recognition, counting to ten, vocabulary expansion, color and animal recognition, an extension of objects and body parts recognition, food identification, table manners, and elementary craft participation. Storytelling and music and involvement are practiced on a daily basis.


Three year old activities have more emphasis on identification or colors, shapes, numbers and verbal as well as visual recognition of the alphabet. Craft activity involvement is geared toward use of small motor skills. Teacher introduces classroom discussions and encourages individual participation. Music and movement are continued on a daily basis. Introduction to computers and time telling begin. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions that affect others and their own surroundings.


Children are Introduced to classroom situations. Work continues to assure identification as outlined In the three year olds. Problem areas are worked on a one on one basis. Language/vocabulary development is continued. Children are involved in dramatic play, music, and movement exercises and computer classes. Holiday customs and origins are explored, as well as elementary nature/science studies.


This program consists of reinforcing and expanding knowledge previously acquired in Pre-Kindergarten. In Language Arts, the children do initial and final consonants, vowel sounds and begin reading excersices. Mathematics consists of identifying patterns, numbers and set recognition 1-25, understanding the meaning of +,-,= signs, single digit addition and subtraction. Our goal is to help each child feel comfortable, confident and positive about themselves as students. Social Studies, Science, Art, Health, Music and Computer Lab give the children an opportunity for self-expression and creativity.

Extra Services

As a convenience to our parents, we provide our children with wholesome meals as per the directions of State enrolled food program.

  1. We also provide computer classes twice a week for children ages 3 and up (price is included in the monthly or weekly tuition).
  2. Our teachers are conversant in Spanish and Armenian.
  3. Music classes are available and can be arranged at an extra cost. Ask the school for more information.
  4. We offer extracurricular classes such as dance, included in the price of tuition and karate, with a certified instructor for an extra cost.